Introducing the Moo Cube™ and the Cow Cube™

Shipping has never been easier than with Home Grown Cow. In fact most Home Grown Cow orders are shipped. Home Grown Cow calculates and collects shipping charges, e-mails the label to the farmer and schedules a farm pick-up. Farms may now use our affordable packaging solution: The Home Grown Cow Cow Cube™ and Moo Cube™.

Many smaller independent farmers stay away from shipping because they have no idea how easy it can be. Concerns about not packaging frozen meat correctly, not knowing how long it can stay in transit, and the cost of shipping are the primary reasons that farms avoid shipping.

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Now available in two practical sizes the Home Grown Cow Moo Cube™(up to 18lb.payload*) and the Home Grown Cow Cow Cube™ (up to 65lb. payload*) represent the answer to the shipping container problem that has been cited by so many farms as their biggest obstacle in the way of shipping. They have the following features: 

  1. Clean, attractive white cube carton with 2" thick EPS insert
  2. Thick panels fit together tightly like a jigsaw
  3. Same thermal retention as a molded cooler
  4. Cubic design minimizes thermal loss (minimum surface area: volume ratio)
  5. Strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping
  6. Packs flat for storage & shipping to farms.
  7. Reusable and recyclable
  8. Two sizes 14" cubed (up to ~18lbs. payload) & 18" cubed (up to ~65lbs. payload)
  9. Includes two bright Home Grown Cow "KEEP FROZEN - FOOD - PERISHABLE" stickers for clear identification
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Also Available: Nordic Ice 24oz. Drip Proof Gel Packs

These are non-toxic, biodegradable, reusable, and they freeze solid. They are designed to be used with the insulated shipper (or more than two if with a small amount of meat).  Click on the Coolant Tab above for more information and to purchase.