Home Grown Cow Cubes™

  1. Clean, attractive white cube carton with 2" thick EPS insert
  2. Thick panels fit together tightly like a jigsaw
  3. Same thermal retention as a molded cooler
  4. Cubic design minimizes thermal loss (minimum surface area: volume ratio)
  5. Strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping
  6. Packs flat for storage & shipping to farms.
  7. Reusable and recyclable
  8. 18" cubed (up to ~65lbs. payload)
  9. Includes two bright Home Grown Cow "KEEP FROZEN - FOOD - PERISHABLE" stickers for clear identification

12lb. option is a Three-Pack  including shipping (48 states) $23.99/cube
100lb. option is 25-Pack including shipping (48 states)  $20.64/cube
120lb. option is 30-Pack including shipping (48 states)  $19.99/cube
200lb. option is 50-Pack including shipping (48 states) $18.60/cube

Please select option "I will pick my order up at the farm" to obtain free shipping.
Please do not order this item unless you are a Home Grown Cow Farmer.

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